At the events

What is the minimum age for MODUL'AIR events?

All our events are strictly 18+. Make sure you have a valid ID with you.

What are the opening hours of the open air shows?

Our open air shows start at 13:00 and last until 23:00.

What is the last time to enter the open air shows?

You can enter the venue until 17:00.

Can I leave the event and come back later?

IN = IN, OUT = OUT. No re-entry possible.

Will there be food at the shows?

Food will be provided by Gulzig. Vegan and gluten free options available.

Where can I find free earplugs?

Free earplugs are available at First Aid (EHBO)  — powered by CM.

Will there be lockers?

Yes, plenty of lockers available on site.

Is there any afterparty?

The official afterhours for each event will be held at Decadance (Overpoortstraat 76, 9000 Gent).


How does the eco-cup system work?

Each eco-cup costs 1 token (charged on top of your drink).

Every time you order a new drink, return your cup to the recup stand next to the bar to receive a refund in your wallet.

Damaged cups will not be accepted.

How long are my tokens valid? Can I get a refund?

Tokens remain on your wallet in the app or physical card for 365 days starting from the date of purchase. If not used within that period, the tokens will expire and disappear from your wallet.

You can use your tokens at all our events.

Refunds are not possible.

What if I want to pay in cash or don't have a smartphone?

Each of our events will have physical top-up cards available at a cost of €1.30. In the same way, you’ll be able to top up your card at one of our token booths and scan your personal QR-code at our bars or food corners on site.

Can I use the app to purchase a locker or toilet bracelet?

Currently not, but we’re exploring the possibility in the future.

What if I lose my phone or have an empty battery during an event?

We have an info booth on site to help you transfer funds from your digital wallet to a physical top-up card — just by providing your ID-card.

What if I don't want to use the app?

Although we highly recommend using the app, each of our events will have physical top-up cards available at a cost of €1,3. In the same way, you’ll be able to top-up your card at one of our token booths and scan your personal QR-code at our bars or food corners on site.


Who do I contact when I lost something?

Please send a message via our contact form with a description of the item you lost and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Can I work at MODUL’AIR?

Please send an mail to staff@modul-air.com with your resume and a short motivational letter and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

How do I partner with MODUL'AIR?

Please send a message via our contact form with your proposition on how we could collaborate.

What are the measures taken for wheelchair users?

Our events are entirely wheelchair friendly. All areas can be accessed without the use of stairs. Wheelchair specific lavatories are also provided.

In case you need any assistance, please find our First Aid located in the entrance hall.

The Flanders Expo parking has designated mobility spots.

What are the house rules?

When you want to enter the venue, you must pay an entrance fee and/or comply with the rules set out in this house rules document.

  • You must be at least 18 years old and provide identification as proof.
  • We expect our visitors to have a tolerant and positive attitude towards all different ethnic groups, genders, religions, and cultures present during a club night.
  • Visitors displaying any kind of sports-related attire (such as football jerseys) will be denied entry.
  • Visitors who appear to be drunk or under the influence of illegal drugs will be refused entry.
  • It is strictly prohibited to possess, use, or trade any kind of drugs on the premises. This will be strictly monitored, anyone found breaking this rule will immediately be banned from the premises. If drug dealing is suspected, the police will be informed.
  • It is strictly prohibited to possess any kind of weapons on the premises. All weapons will be confiscated and the police will be notified.
  • By entering the venue, you agree to undergo a security check. Entry will only be granted after this check. Every visitor accepts a possible inspection of the contents of their jacket, trouser pockets and backpacks before entering the venue.
  • In case of an emergency, visitors must always follow the instructions of the staff.
  • The management is not liable for any injuries and/or loss/damage of goods.
  • If the venue is too crowded, we reserve the right to refuse entry.
  • Any behavior that is perceived as annoying, threatening, intimidating or unwanted by other visitors will result in a warning and, if repeated, in removal from the premises. In this case, access will also be denied in the future.
  • Bringing any kind of beverages onto the premises is strictly prohibited.
  • It is not allowed to distribute or display flyers without explicit permission from the management.
  • When leaving the venue, please refrain from committing vandalism, keep noise levels to a minimum and do not drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol. It is forbidden to make noise, urinate, leave litter around the venue or on the way to and from the venue.
  • It is forbidden for any visitor to take bottles or glasses outside of the venue.
  • It is strictly forbidden for any visitor to cause damage to the venue, other visitors or equipment. Any form of damage (intentional or unintentional) will be cleaned up and compensated by the person who caused the damage.
  • In case of any criminal offense or incidents, the police will be notified and your identity information will be disclosed.
  • Backpacks must be left in the lockers provided.
  • Group tickets cannot be sold through TicketSwap or any other medium, since this is a discounted ticket.
  • Any professional camera footage recorded at any MODUL’AIR event must be shared with the organisation. No professional cameras will be allowed without written confirmation.
Other questions?

Please reach out to us via our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


I lost my ticket, what can I do?

You can retrieve them here.

Can I sell my ticket if I can’t come anymore?

Only sell your tickets via our official partner Ticketswap. Please be careful for scammers!

Can I buy tickets at the door?

We can’t guarantee this. We highly recommend buying your tickets in advance.


Where is MODUL'AIR Festival located?

We are based at Flanders expo. Address: Maaltekouter 1, 9051 Gent.

How do I get to Flanders Expo?

By public transport
You can take bus 76-77-78 or tram 1 from the Gent Sint-Pieters railway station. Plan your route here

By bike
You can follow the cycling route from Gent Sint-Pieters railway station directly to Flanders Expo and leave your bike at the free bicycle parking. Plan your route here

By car
Take exit 14 on the E40 Brussel – Oostend. Please follow the signage along the road once you enter The Loop.
Google Maps link
Waze link

Kiss & Ride
There is a Kiss & Ride zone located at walking distance. Head for The Loop P+R and follow the signs. Parking at the Kiss & Ride is not allowed.

Where can I park my car at Flanders Expo?

There is parking available at Flanders Expo — Price €8. Carpooling is sexy! Please follow the signs.


Got a question? Please check our FAQ above or contact us direct

ADRESS FLANDERS EXPO GHENT Adres: Maaltekouter 1, 9000 Gent